Typical Situation

This isn't the best picture of my parents and their grandchildren, but it is the best representation of what happened every time we tried to get a picture of more than one person at once:
  • Cupcake always played the part of the Chatty Cathy doll, being all "[gibberish] Nana [gibberish] Pop-pop [gibberish]" and making faces like my cousin Brittany and then yelling "Cheeeeeese!" once we put the camera away.
  • My mom was trying (and mostly failing) to bribe her to sit still using food while Yours Truly was off-camera trying to coerce compliance with escalating threats of violence and revocation of Dora privileges.
  • My dad kept trying to catch the football scores.
  • And poor baby Joey was all, "WTF? Where is that boob? Am I really related to these people? It's so unfair! I can't wait until I can walk so I can run away! And where is that boob?"

So, you know. Typical family picture.


  1. is this the "good" one?

  2. no. the "good" one goes up today, i think, unless i can come up with some new year's resolutions before i get home.