Kissing Book

Some more random pictures from our Chicago trip, where there was a lot of kissing going on.

I think I need to get Shae one of these hats, or find mine, or something. Not sure if she would rock it quite like Joey does, but then again, maybe she would.

My original plan was to put up more "outtakes" but when I was looking through the pictures I couldn't find a single bad one with Joey in it. Well, there are some that are out of focus, but none where he was making any really good goofy faces. Unlike my kid, who makes goofy faces all the time. Like, for sport or something.

To me, this picture is sad and funny at the same time. It's funny because Joey is so small that you can fit a whole 'nother person in his swing, and Shae is such a giant that she hardly fits into the baby swing any more (and, in fact, she was working a "regular" swing by the end of our trip), and yet there they are, right next to each other, a study in contrasts.

It's also sad because look at all that space between swings -- what is wrong with you, Des Plaines Park District? Do you bozos have any idea how hard it is to get a picture of two kids at once on the swings when there is, like, an entire zip code between them? Honestly, I think the entire world is against me and my art, sometimes.

Oh yeah, my kid is such a badass that she plays soccer barefoot. In pants that appear to be too big. With her pocket linings hanging out. In a shirt my mom got a yard sale. With a mysterious "55" on the back that nobody knows what it means. (Even though Mommy is sort of secretly hoping that she will take up an interest in beach volleyball. In spite of Daddy's fear and adversion to the 'kini.)

Hey, I told you this was going to be a kissing book.

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  1. oh my god they are precious and i like the dress i'll pay ps bring boots when you come because there is some major water going on in yards !!!! but not my house thank god !!!!!