Pictures of You

Full disclosure: this post title is inspired by the fact that they used "Friday I'm In Love" as interlude music on "Marketplace Morning Report" this morning. Clearly I am now NPR's target audience. The Cure FTW!

Anyway ... yesterday was picture day at school. I dressed Shae in a cute little Ralph Lauren polo dress that was a Christmas gift from one of my salespeople -- heaven knows that I would never pay that kind of money for a kid's dress, it's against my religion* or something -- with a pair of capri leggings, because: Hello! Schoooooool! She's going to be running around, and I can't have her underwear showing. (What? Diapers ARE SO underwear. Shut up! Don't you judge me!)

If we are lucky, we got portraits that look more like this ...

... and less like outtakes from a "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon, like these.

But I think we already know what we're going to get, don't we?

* = Aggressive Zen Retail Commandoism.


  1. the color looks fabulous on her ;-)

  2. yes -- this was a very nice gift. i hope the pix look good!

  3. I absolutely love the outtakes...Those are my favorite. Now that I have a locker at work, I might have to hang those up there!

  4. what a beautiful gift and i do mean shae she is so loving and priceless sorry about the lilacs see you this weekend happy birthday kiddo

  5. don't be sorry about the lilacs! i love lilacs. now that i'm taking zyrtec instead of claritin i can be around them more. and i will always think they're so pretty!