I Am The Warrior

A quick little update about World of Warcraft, because it's been at least ten minutes or something: as of this morning, Roxxii the super-fantastic arcane/frostfire mage is now an Exalted Champion of Gnomeregan and she does not wish to hear any more of anyone's shit.

Yes, that's right -- I now have a "pet" who is bigger than I am and if you piss me off and my nuclear Arcane Barrage doesn't kill you, I'll send Petey in to kick your hairy Tauren ass. (Yes, I have named my Argent Squire "Petey" ... got a problem with that?)

Of course, that assumes that I am not wearing some kind of ridiculous outfit involving rabbit ears, a tuxedo, flowers, and an Easter basket because I am working on some sort of seasonal achievement that grants a vanity title -- although no one I know would ever do such a thing.

If you're looking for me, I'll be herb farming in Icecrown or trying not to die in battlegrounds while I'm trying to figure out how to complete that damn Children's Week achievement so I can work towards my violet proto-drake. I need to have it, because purple is my favorite color.

Thank you for visiting the World Headquarters of Magic Roxxii Airlines. Please enjoy your travels! Good day, and good luck.
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  1. Huh> I'll have to show this to Uelander for "intelligent" comment.