Stop -- Hamper Time

Alternate Title: U Can't Bleach This

What can I tell you? My kid is just as much a crazy wackaloon as the rest of the family. Right now her favorite "free play" activity is to climb into an empty hamper for us to carry her around in it:

Unfortunately, we almost never have an empty hamper. Having a toddler has, like, tripled our laundry duties, because so many of her things need special handling.

Still, I think it's a riot to have our own warped version of Oscar the Grouch. Approximately the same fuzzy hair, but our Grouch is way, way cuter.


  1. special handling? what do you buy her? don't get me wrong, we wash all joey's clothes in dreft, but we throw everything into one giant load.

  2. we use sensitive skin detergent and softener for her stuff. clothes get washed in cold water, sheets and towels get washed in hot water, and i need to make sure that everything that goes in comes back out. matching up baby socks is ASS.

  3. I love these pictures. Shae is absolutely a riot!

  4. a little trick anonymous mom taught me - safety pin the socks together. i usually put at least two pair on one safety pin. then i always get them out in pairs, and they're practically matched already for you!

  5. you know, we actually don't usually have a problem with getting them back -- the dryer sock monster doesn't like her socks, apparently, just mine. it's the "matching them" part that's getting to be a problem because she has quite a few pairs that look the same.

    and i'm afraid to put the safety pins in our washer or dryer -- seriously, those things are going to conk out at any minute.