(Everybody's Waitin' For) The Bun With The Swag

So, listen: I was going to take the lyrics to "(Everybody's Waitin' For) The Man With The Bag," one of my very favorite modern-Christmas-carols-cum-Target-commercial-jingles, but then I looked at the actual lyrics to "(EWF)TMWTB" and I decided there are just too many words, oh my head. I mean, seriously, too many words even for me. So, no redone song, except for the title. Sorry. Instead, just lots and lots of pictures, with intermittent snark.

Without further ado, I present to you EasterSwag 2009 - Part One:
Honestly, I should have known that Easter was going to be out of control when I myself had problems, well, controlling myself. A lot of that stuff was last-minute additions, except for the two wrapped presents, which were supposed to be the entirety of her Easter basket. But I needed eggs! So I bought eggs! But then I needed something to put in them! So I bought little bracelets, and crazy hair bands that can be worn as bracelets! And that silverware set was cute! And oh my God will you look at that Little People tube!

I will say this much: all that loot, and NO CANDY, except one pack of fruit snacks from the box in the kitchen that I added at the last minute, because I felt guilty about not giving her candy. What I didn't feel guilty about? Stuffing some of those plastic eggs with money from her own piggy bank. What? She didn't know she had it, so it's not like she missed it -- and it isn't like we didn't collect 10x more in change throughout the day.

We had Easter dinner at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ed's, and as always it was wonderful. They sure do know how to throw a nice Easter dinner. Not that Cupcake even noticed, because Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ed have a real live dog:
She spent the better part of the day crawling around on the floor after poor Rosie. I hope she slept well last night. (The dog, not the kid -- the kid was conked.)

Then there was an egg hunt, which was fun but weird. Like, whoever heard of an egg hunt for one kid? But Cupcake loved it -- my Uncle "Quack" pretended to race her, and let me tell you, she's quite a scrapper for a little kid:
And what is it with my family and the concrete deer?
It's bizarre -- everyone in the family has one except me. (Guess I know what I'm getting for my birthday, huh?)

After that, we had a costume change (but no nap) and then we went to my Aunt Cyndy and Uncle Wiggy's for another egg hunt and more swag, not necessarily in that order. I'll cut to the chase and tell you that there are now approximately 538,652 Little People in my house, and Cupcake loves every single one of them the best. You can just imagine the fun I had trying to get her to go to school this morning.
Oh, yeah, and Pop-pop gave her a bike. Guess who the favorite grandparent is? (What can I say? Cupcake has excellent taste.)
And how can you enjoy pretzels and jellybeans without Aunt Shelleybeans?
We also had an Easter bunny. Aunt Cyndy and Uncle Wiggy know how to throw a party, too. Couldn't stay as long as we wanted too, because it was surpringly cold and also -- hello! no nap! we're exhausted! And we needed to make one more stop:
At my grandparents', where we had ANOTHER egg hunt, and got a pack of all-yellow M&M's in an Easter basket that was once mine, and then we had an ice cream cone for dinner. The end.

I really, really love Easter, but you'll all excuse me if I sleep until Wednesday, right?


  1. how come mom and dad are never in these photos? even i've figured out how to use the timer. i mean you - you at least have other people that could take the pictures for you. you need a family photo.

    oh, yeah. hoppy easter. the photos are too cute! you're doing quite well with that early anniversary present.

  2. er, uhm, i'm an aborigine who is afraid to lose her soul if i am photographed?

    because there isn't enough photoshop in the world to fix my face?

    because these action shots aren't going to take themselves?

    what do you WANT from me, woman?

  3. That sounds like a GREAT Easter! My niece only got to hunt eggs ONCE, and she had mis-behaved during church, so she didn't get any dessert, which was SO HARD on her, but we all agreed that if my SIL gave in, it wouldn't teach the lesson that needed to be taught.

    But, I did send her home a HUGE piece of dessert, and SIL agreed that if she was good all afternoon then she could have some before bedtime. She was so good, I'm pretty sure she got some cake that evening, so I guess, lesson learned? Kids are hard.

  4. "kids are hard" is the understatement of EVER. but cupcake was good, she just didn't take a nap, so i can't even complain about that.