Domestic Bliss

I don't know what YOU did while I was away on vacation, but I spent the week watching my daughter and my nephew (the 3½-year-old, not the 3½-week-old, obviously) be all thick as thieves, acting like methed-out monkeys high on Pop Rocks and Coke, as preschoolers are wont to be.

Chicago 2012 185

Actually, that's not true. I mean, yes, kids are oftentimes inclined to Behave Badly, but Shae and Joey were mostly on their very best behavior all week.

Chicago 2012 223

They even helped out with the yard work, even though it was 858°F or something. Those two are Good Do-Bees, as my grandmother would say.

Chicago 2012 209

Of course, it was easy to get Shae involved in the gardening when she found out that, in the Midwest, it involves a tractor. Vroom vroom!

Chicago 2012 146

I just wish that they hadn't tuned the radio on the John Deere to talk radio. How much funnier would these pictures have been if the soundtrack was "Call Me Maybe" instead of bloviating talking heads?

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For the next couple of days there might be duplicate photos, but I promise we'll get past them soon. Your patience is appreciated at this difficult time. Thanks! -- Ed.

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