A Day (Plus A Week) Late

Last Wednesday, July 27th, was my brother-in-law's birthday. No, the other brother-in-law. I was supposed to get a cake for him the weekend before last, because I wanted to be able to post pictures on his actual birthday, but if you've been having the same kind of crazy-ass summer that I've been having, then you'll understand why it seems like absolutely diddly-squat is getting done on time.


But we did get a cake for him last weekend, and I was planning to put up pictures yesterday in honor of the first week-a-versary of his 29th birthday (I think he said he is 29; I don't even remember any more because I am having a pretty awful case of old-lady-brain lately, and I'm lucky I can even remember which kid is mine at the preschool most of the time), but see above paragraph re: the special insanity that is my life, and be glad that I remembered to put up pictures in the same calendar year.


And also be glad that we managed to avoid burning down my grandparents' house, because it was windy that day, and yet we insisted on having candles, and do you have any idea how flammable most of the small-child-related crap my sisters and I have to lug around all the time is? Thank God the pool was right there, in case we needed to put out any frosting and/or hair fires.


Why, yes, of course I took pictures of my kid eating the cake. What are you, new?


Everybody got into the cake-eating action, even the baby, and even though I believe birthday cake is technically verboten for babies before their first birthday, I personally endorse letting kids have at least a taste of cake every once in a while, because otherwise how do you know if they're going to like it? How am I supposed to form a loving, lasting relationship with someone who does not adore baked goods as I do, I ask you?

Oh, wait: that whole child-of-my-sister thing. Whatever, pedant.


Makayla had frosting put on her nose for pictures - I did that, even though I not-so-secretly actually want to pose her with a Marlboro and a Zippo and recreate the bestest picture in all the history of the lands and the seas and the Internets - and so of course SOMEBODY ELSE needed to do the same thing. Shae is generally very good with other kids, especially with my niece and nephew (she calls them her "sister-cousin" and her "brother-cousin," respectively, which is just so many kinds of adorable that there aren't even words, even though if you think about it long enough you start pondering "sister-wives" and then things go down a rabbit hole from which there might possibly be no escape save from going outside or something, getting some fresh air for a little while, not that I encourage that sort of behavior, because it's just entirely too wholesome), but even though she usually flatly refuses to look at the camera when I am trying to take pictures of her, if she notices that I am pointing the camera at anyone else, she tends to become a bit of a show-off, as older siblings and cousins are wont to do. (I myself was guilty of this from 1977 through approximately 1990, inclusive.)


And of course when I end up getting a picture like this one out of it, I can't exactly start discouraging that sort of behavior, now can I?, or else ... well, I will no longer get pictures like this one. Which would be a damned shame, because this is one of the best pictures of her that I've taken all summer. I am particularly fond of the lighting here, and the way her hair just is.

Anyway ... happy birthday to my brother-in-law, a week and day after your birthday. Better late than never, though, right? (And hey: I remembered that orange is one of your favorite colors and picked out this cake instead of the one with pink balloons, so I think I ended up doing alright. If you disagree, be polite and lie about it, okay?)

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