Spring Training

My parents are headed to Florida for a little vacation this week -- they're going to see the Phillies at Spring Training. I am jealous, because it's gross and rainy today, and I can't wait for spring to officially arrive. Let's do this thing!


We had some nice weather over the weekend, and once you get a little taste, it's hard to go back to the dismal dampness that comes with the last vestiges of winter in the Northeast. Maybe there's no more snow in the forecast, but we still have the stubborn chill in the air. I'm over it.


Plus we had the time change on Sunday, and now that Shae has been outside and felt the sun on her face and the wind in her hair and she knows what fun there is to be had in that great big world out there, we're having a heckuva time getting her to go to bed while it's still light out. She's already figured out that once spring comes, it's only a little while until summer and swimming.

Silly Pants

And I have a pretty good idea of the general silliness that is coming soon. It was good practice, training for the exciting seasons that are coming up. She loves playing outside, running around in the grass, getting dirty, sprinting to the playground, racing to the swings and the slide.

Miss Face

Early spring has always been my favorite time of year, when everything turns that bright shade of green again, when the crocuses pop open, when the shoots and leaves that will turn into daffodils and tulips start appearing, when color comes back into the world. This jacket she's wearing was a Christmas present, and I love it, because it somehow represents all that I love about the time of year when she'll be wearing it.

I'm looking forward to another great spring and summer. For realsies ... let's do this thing!


  1. dont forget marshalls opens thursday up here if you see something for shae for easter get it and i will give you the money love mom

  2. I love her bright springy striped hoody!!!