Shamrock Shake

We're having a couple of exceptionally nice days right now, yesterday included, and when I saw the "menu" for Shae's St. Paddy's Day party at school, I figured she would like (and I could use) some running-around-outside time after dinner to burn off some of that sugar. (They had sandwiches made with cream cheese and mint jelly, green jello, brownies, scones, and "leprechaun" gold coins for lunch. Um. I gave myself diabetes just typing that all out.)

This Is Your Brain On Leprechaun Chocolate
Don't do drugs, kids. Or eat nothing but sugar on St. Patrick's Day.
(OH! They did have a vegetable -- celery. So there's that.)


Even though I hate Daylight Savings Time with the white-hot heat of eleventy suns, it was nice to be able to take advantage of the extra daylight. Nice thing about this time of year: you get about two hours of "magic hour," since the sun is still low in the sky yet.


Now if only I could figure out how to WORK THE DAMN CAMERA.

Starin' at the Sky

I am not sure how lying down on the neighbors' back sidewalk is immediately and directly related to searching for 4-leaf clovers and hunting for leprechauns, but I have not been four years old in a very long time, so I guess I just forget. No doubt this particular plan of attack made sense to her at the time.

... No Frickin' Idea

Or maybe not. I don't know. I JUST DON'T KNOW.

Close Encounters

Still and all, we had a nice little dinner -- ham, potatoes, green beans, and hot dogs, even though I prefer my traditional St. Patrick's Day meal of Lucky Charms and Shamrock Shakes -- and a nice time in the backyard. It almost -- but only ALMOST! -- made me want to get in some camping.


  1. Good LAWD I love your child. She has so bloody much AWESOME personality in her tiny little body. Seeing her pictures gives me a biiiiig happy. <3

  2. indeed, she is my happy place. a lot of pressure for a kid, probably, but she seems up to the challenge. (plus, she's kind of a ham.)

  3. she is happy shae in these pictures