Jupiter's Darling

Oh! Look! Another swim class, another bathing suit!

New Suit

Shae managed to pick up two new suits since her last class -- we normally have a pretty big assortment of suits in different colors and different styles and different backs, but she grew so much over the fall and winter that we only had two 1-pieces that still fit when classes started. I picked up one new suit for her at the Gap and My Anonymous Mother used her coupons and ninja-shopping-fu to get another one as well. They're bright and happy and really cute and I can't wait until summer and good lighting so you can see them in all their glory. For now you're stuck with these pictures.


I know the pictures are bad and grainy, but that's because the lighting inside the Y is not exactly optimal, and I spend most of class shooting these pictures from across the natatorium with the camera set on high-speed and the telephoto lens zoomed all the way in. I don't want to get right up on the lip of the pool to take pictures because (1) I don't want to get too many shots of other people's kids and (2) I don't want to be a disruption. Plus, my kid never stops moving.


Not that you asked. I am just making excuses.

Esther Williams

At the latest class we started working on a new skill: the back float. This is something new that I don't think Shae ever tried before, but she seems to like it. Can't say I blame her -- I love just lying on my back in the pool, staring up at the sky and the clouds and the birds and the butterflies, listening to soothing music in my head.

Or maybe Shae is just practicing for world domination, Esther-Williams-style.

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