Christmas Haircut

What, like you don't do something special for yourself to get ready for Christmas? Shae got a haircut. (I'm getting a pedicure later today, if I get out of work early.)


And I am the crazy idiot parent who documents the whole thing for "posterity." Or, you know, "the blog."


It's kind of a good thing that my kid is a total dorky ham who loves to get her picture taken while she is doing things she's not supposed to.

Comb Chewer

Like gnawing on a comb. (Not her fault -- it was past dinnertime and I didn't pack any snacks in my purse.)

Hair Dryer

I don't blame her for loving to sit under the dryer. When I am at the salon, the dryer is my happy place. They could leave me there all day with foils on my head and back issues of the gossip rags and a cup of tea. But I'd never leave.


It was a pretty standard haircut -- not much we can do with her head except make it less bushy and 'fro-like. Maybe I should learn how to braid; she really liked that.

Proof of Life

Then we went home and ate two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and posed for a "proof of life picture" with my old Santa Claus bank, the end.


  1. mom's been looking for that bank! (or, probably more accurately, dad's been looking for that bank because mom made him. although he said it was at your house, she didn't believe him.)

  2. lol yeah that's why we took the "proof of life" picture. i sent it to dad via text. i hope he won the bet, or whatever.

  3. I got your Christmas card!

    I asked Husband, Who is R* G*? Is that a member? He said no, not one of his.

    Then I opened it and WOW! Shae! YAY!!!

    Merry Christmas!


  4. that is one old bank !!!!! love mom

  5. @SMurFB -- lol i would have hoped the pennsylvania address gave me away. glad you liked it, glad to share the cheer! merry christmas!