Germ Theory

While you are reading this blog post, you might want to bust out the antibacterial hand gel, because it seems I have come down with the plague and I don't know how contagious it is. Maybe you want to sanitize your computer, too, in case I accidentally give it a virus.

Every year around this time I get my first "big" cold of the year. Almost without fail, I catch whatever is going around the week before Thanksgiving. This year's strain doesn't seem to be too bad, just a stuffy head and a periodic sore throat, but it's early yet. Yesterday I had such a sinus headache that I wanted to stick my head in the oven. Not that it would have done much good, since my oven is electric.

I am feeling much better today -- it would seem that I slept on my face all night, so none of the gooze in my head drained into my throat, so I just feel like I can't breathe out of one side of my head, instead of feeling like everything from my belly button up is itchy and scratchy and stuck together with Super Glue. But I still don't like that it's damp and cool, and I'll definitely spend the day wishing I was back home in bed with the covers pulled up to my ears and my big fuzzy socks on.

Good news: we are having leftover homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight, plus I managed to sneak a little bit for lunch today. And it was good soup, too. Very soothing. I expect to be back up to 100% before my sister, brother-in-law, and sweet delicious nephew get in over the weekend. Just in time to run amok with them for a few days. We are making Big Plans that still have yet to be finalized.

In the meantime, I'll be here in my cube, wearing this ugly sweater, sucking on some Ricola and muttering under my breath. Don't worry, I'll share my antibacterial hand gel. But if anyone bothers me, I'm going to breathe into their phone.

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