WTF?! Friday Plus Trivia: Halloweenie

I am not dressing up for Halloween this year, although I might put on my orange turtleneck to go trick-or-treating. If it's out of the wash. And if we ever figure out what, exactly, we're doing about trick-or-treating this year. Everybody is doing trick-or-treat on Sunday night, which is fine I guess, but it makes more sense to me to do it on Saturday. You know, not a school night? And not opposite "The Amazing Race"?

If I ran the world, n'at.

Shae, of course, will be a pirate. I'm looking forward to dressing her up for the Halloween parade at school, and again for the annual candy collection. Her costume is mostly finished -- I have "outsourced" her skirt to someone at work who has (and knows how to actually use) a sewing machine. The rest of the costume is waiting to be put together. I still want to get a few little things, like glitter hairspray and clip-on hoop earrings, if I can find them. We'll be ready in plenty of time.

But I'm just not that into Halloween this year. There is no particular reason, I don't think, except that I dread having all that candy in the house (too much temptation while I'm on this diet) and nobody we know is having a party. When we lived in our creepy house in the woods, up in the mountains where no one could hear you scream, we had a party, and it was a blast, but I never got around to planning anything this year.

Which is where this week's trivia comes in: these questions (which are, once again, not trivia questions, but more of an informal survey) are all about stuff that I have done, would do, or would like to do around Halloween and Halloween parties. Standard trivia rules apply. One point per question, 30 points total. How may of my answers do you think you can match?

  1. Three not-especially-scary Halloween-ish movies.
  2. Three scary / horror / Halloween movies.
  3. Three songs that you might hear on the radio around Halloween.
  4. Three things that you might do at a Halloween party besides eat candy and watch movies.
  5. Three kinds of candy that come "fun-sized" at Halloween.
  6. Three kinds of candy that you would always give away when you got it in your treat bag.
  7. Three Halloween costumes that you have worn in the last 15 years.
  8. Three writers known for scary stories.
  9. Three actors or actresses that you associate with horror or monster movies.
  10. Three decorations besides pumpkins that you see around Halloween.

Good luck!


  1. Sorry for the delays -- here are my answers:

    1. "Ghostbusters," "Young Frankenstein," "The Goonies"
    2. "Scream," "Se7en," "Silence of the Lambs"
    3. "Werewolves of London," "Monster Mash," "Frankenstein"
    4. Bob for apples, carve a pumpkin, play with a ouija board
    5. Snickers, 100 Grand, M&M's
    6. Mary Janes, Necco wafers, Almond Joy
    7. Red crayon, Lobster, Aaron Rowand
    8. Edgar Allen Poe, Steven King, Dean Koontz
    9. Vincent Price, Anthony Perkins, Bela Lugosi
    10. Bats, spiders, skeletons