Presenting the Pirate Princess of Pottstown Port

Shae is going to be a pirate for Halloween. This is all my doing; I wanted her to be something fun for trick-or-treat, but I also wanted her to be something that had a certain degree of power along with the feminine charm. Also: badassery. And inflatable swords.

Pirate Pose

To properly get Shae into character -- oh, yes, I am a "method Mom" -- we've been watching a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean in our house. The first and second movies, anyway. We haven't seen the third one yet, but we have the trilogy on Blu-Ray and I'm pretty sure we'll be getting in a lot of viewings. Because Mommy? Loves her some Orlando Bloom AND some Johnny Depp.

Pirate Queen

At some point I'm going to need to figure out what to do with her hair, so it will fit under her tricorn hat. Somewhere in my house is a multi-color scarf that I got from my husband's grandmother, but I can't find it. To practice, I found this wrap that I got for some trip to somewhere. It's ... very big. But a lot of fun to tie around Shae's head.

Pirate Fierce

I'm also going to have to start working on her skirt soon, or it will never be finished, because Mommy is a terrible sewer to begin with, and I have to hand-sew the whole thing. Probably more than once, because I don't anticipate that it will work out as expected the first time around.

Pirate Princess

In the meantime, we'll keep watching Captain Sparrow to learn how to act like a pirate. And we'll probably throw in a little SpongeBob, just because.


  1. she has fun playing dress up !!!!

  2. If you need help with sewing..I LOVE to sew!

  3. Thinking you might want to not be so rude and negative on your twitter. Just a suggestion.

  4. @Lena - If my Twitter was any different than it is, it wouldn't be ME. Sorry that you find it "rude and negative," but it is what it is. Some people are just negative, I guess ... and you're pretty rude yourself. But then again, every dog knows his own, right?

  5. She'll make a great pirate!

    And that skirt is a cute idea!

    Can't wait to see pictures.