The Shoot Horses (With The Zoom Lens), Don't They?

ZOMG PONEES! There were ponies at the apple-picking-place, too.

10-09-10 063
10-09-10 058
10-09-10 048

I assure you that in the pictures where she is not smiling, it's because I'm yelling "Look at me! Look at the camera! What's on Mommy's head?" like a deranged lunatic because COME ON KID WOULD IT KILL YOU TO LOOK AT THE CAMERA OH MY GOD THE GOATS DID IT WHY CAN'T YOU!?

Ahem. I digress.

I think she learned her lesson after the last pony ride, and this time she asked to ride the BIG pony. She did a great job, too, climbing right up into the saddle like a miniature Marlboro Maid. No fancy jodhpurs and helmets and riding crops for this one, no dressage or steeplechase, just plain old-fashion pony ridin'.

10-09-10 070
10-09-10 074

Next time we have to remember to save our apple cores, because you can feed them right to the horses. Shae let the goats eat out of her hand, and I'm sure it wouldn't have been any different with her mighty steed.

I'm thinking I might see veterinary medicine in her future, which pleases me greatly.

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