Obvious T-Shirt Choice Is Obvious

Palmer Community Days were over the weekend -- a wonderful little fair in the town where I grew up, where I used to have to go work at bingo for the choir and where I could, half a lifetime ago, stalk ex-boyfriends until they would give up and call me just to get me out of their hair for a while. It was the early '90s, and mistakes were made.

This is the first time we went to this particular carnival with Shae, and I don't know that I would have been overly excited except for one thing: PONY RIDES. (Well, actually, there were two things, and I will get to the other one on Friday.) I've always wanted to go on a pony ride, and you never know when they're going to pop up, so you better believe that we went.

Pretty Ponies

Ponies are SO COOL. I can totally understand why little girls get completely gaga over them. A very big part of me wanted to just stand there and pet their manes and do some braids and tie them with ribbons. Yes, for real. I didn't even tell my husband that.

This Is Fun?

Shae had her choice of ponies, because when we got in line there was nobody else there. I personally would have gone for the pretty palomino-ish one with the golden hair, but Shae chose "the little one."

(Not) A Flying Talking Donkey

Which is actually a donkey. But not a flying talking donkey, sadly. I'm not sure she could have handled that much excitement. Although it would have been AWESOME.


And just for the record, SHE picked out her sparkle horsey shirt to wear to the carnival, not me, although I was not about to discourage her.


  1. very cute. although her expression looks almost pained in some of these pictures. it's funny what the camera will capture :-)

  2. I (heart) small town carnivals/fairs/festivals. So worth it (and the people watching is PRICE.LESS.).