We Did It! We Did It!

You might not be able to tell what these pictures are about, just from looking at them, so let me draw your attention to the yellow thing with the rainbow belt on the side of the pool to give you a little clue.

Kick and Reach
Freestylin' It

At the beginning of the summer, Shae told me that by the end of the summer she wasn't going to need her swimmies any more, and as God as my witness, she's actually done it. I won't leave her alone in the pool without some kind of flotation device, but every weekend she swims without her bubble further and further, more and more.

I think the music is appropriate, somehow. And God help us all, but someone is getting proper swimming lessons over the winter. She might be on the swim team by this time next year, carrying on the family tradition. Tell me: are any 8 & Under Thunder relays currently recruiting?


  1. that is so late 80s. all i want to say after "ain't no stopping us now" is either "the panthers!" or "the eagles!" ah, the good ol' days :-)

    awesome work, shaezi!!

  2. haha that song is from the 70s! and every time i hear it, i say "the panthers!" in my head. it's a sickness. and years and years of cheerleader training.

  3. Well, I am so proud of where she has come over the summer! I love that she volunteered to teach my unborn child how to swim. Awesome peanut!