Thomas the Tractor Engine

My grandparents' neighbors have two little kids, a daughter who is maybe a year older than Shae and a son who just turned two, I think. They had a birthday party for him last weekend and Shae invited herself over to play with all the kids. (Technically, I think they invited her, but only after she kind of ran over there and started playing on the inflatable jumpy things. Three-year-olds are not so good with boundaries.)

But here is the really clever part: the little boy is really into Thomas the Tank Engine (I can't remember his name, but the daughter's name is Lauren), and the dad found a way to make it work.

Thomas Tractor

They painted their lawn mower the same colors as Thomas, and took the kids for rides in the yard, back by the cornfields. Pretty genius, if you ask me.

Good Times

Who doesn't love a train ride?


Nobody, that's who.


  1. i don't know if joe will want to paint the john deere, blue, but maybe we could dress it up as percy (who's green anyway). genius!!

  2. yeah, that guy is really clever. and now he takes the "train" out every weekend for the kids. he's going to be the "cool dad" on the block who gives out full-size snickers bars for halloween, i just know it.

  3. The boy's name is Benjamin. And Shae didn't invite herself. Before you guys go there the parents came over with cake and invited Shae over.

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  5. i thought his name was Ben, but i wasn't sure. and good to know my kid isn't COMPLETELY mannerless, just MOSTLY.

  6. i'd say shes friendly and she was invited love mom