Marshmallow World

We have house guests for the weekend, and fortunately they are not of the Mus musculus variety, but instead small specimens from the family Ursidae. Bears.

Specifically, Shae's classroom bears, Marshmallow and his sister Candy. Prizes that she gets to keep for the weekend because she was last week's classroom Star of the Week in Preschool 1. (Hello new bumper sticker!)

Watching TV

Everywhere we go until Monday, we'll be taking Marshmallow and Candy with us, taking pictures and documenting our travels in a composition book for the next child to explore. Who knows what kind of adventures we'll be able to cook up? I tried to make them comfortable in our home, tucking them in for bed with Little Nutbrown Hare under Shae's blankie. Hopefully they got plenty of rest last night.


Because it's supposed to be a nice weekend, and Hurricane Shae has gotten a hold of them, and who knows what might happen now.


Wish them luck. Wish us all luck. And buckle up: it's going to be a kee-RAY-zee ride.


  1. That is so neat, I don't remember ever having stuff like that when I was a kid. Even in lower elementary schools they do that sort of thing now.

  2. My kid never wins preschool star of the week. *SIGH*

    However, if she were in your kid's preschool, she would probably take those prizes away from Shae and hide them and then get a note written on her daily report.

    PS--LOVE that last pic. All kinds of awesome.

  3. @Jackie -- LOL. Shae would probably put up a good fight, and they'd BOTH end up in the office. And then they'd be best friends forever until ninth grade, when one of them stole the other one's boyfriend, who they run into at their 10th high school reunion and it turns out he was gay.

    Not, um, like that ever happens ... never.