Break in the Weather

It rained last week, and it's raining again today, but we had a lovely weekend and I got some really cute pictures of Shae with Marshmallow and Candy. Tomorrow I will reprint the story I wrote about the weekend, but I thought I would share some "out-takes" first. Just because.

Little Monster

On the one hand, she wanted me to take this picture of her outfit on Friday. On the other hand, I have no idea why. (Dig the sexxilous Christmas door mat / rug inside our front door. We're no longer behind the times, but ahead of them!)

Mommy's Little Photography Helper

For part of the time while we were at the playground, Candy was my photography assistant, which means I stuffed her in my bag while I was taking pictures of Shae on the teeter-totter with Marshmallow.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Accidental lucky pose. I wanted to try to encourage Shae to sit in the grass with the bears and pretend to have a little picnic, but preschoolers are like cats: you can't make them do anything they don't want to do, and sometimes they pee on the rug. Anyway, this picture is pretty and warm and a little sad, like a nice bright day at the tail end of summer, when you can feel the damp and the cold on the breeze. (Plus, teeny-tiny strawberries are cute.)

Pumpkin Homework

We had homework this weekend, too. I don't have much in the way of art supplies because Shae doesn't often want to get excited and make things, but I did have some chalk, glitter glue, and goo-goo eyes left over from the lobster Halloween costume from a few years ago (2005 or 2006, I think). It looked better when it was fully dry, of course, but it's not bad for a 3-year-old. She definitely strikes me as the chaotic-creative Jackson Pollock type, without the alcoholism and bipolar disorder.

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