Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Work it, move that thing, crazy!

This week I've started taking Shae to school in the morning, and sometimes she wants me to take pictures of her outfits. I don't know why, because I pick out most of her clothes and do her hair, but she's been very proud of how she dresses anyway, and she's been "posing" for me.

None of these clothes are new, by the way, but she says she feels "just like a princess." I don't get it either.


It's not really anything special -- she did wear a dress this week, yesterday, a really cute mod-style Children's Place number left over from last year, but she didn't want me to take a picture of that. Who knows why.


Apparently this Nashville Zoo shirt from when we went to Tennessee for a wedding in 2008 is her "very favorite." I don't know why. Maybe because it's yellow?


Today she was all excited about her outfit because it was raining and I had her wear her rain boots. Because what else are rain boots for?

I guess since this is going to be a daily thing now, I should start taking pictures with the good camera. Also, I should stop eating Triscuits, but that's a different problem. (And not a lot, so I'm not TOTALLY cheating on my diet, just "flirting" a little bit.)

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  1. wait till the fashion police zoom in !!! love you mom