Chicken Noodle-O's

We added a new weapon to our Arsenal of Awesomesauce, just in time for the end of the summer: pool noodles. Which, of course, Shae LOVES.


One of our plethora or Labor Day picnics was at one of my aunt's, and we forgot to take the bubble. Fortunately there were noodles. Which, I may have mentioned, Shae LOVES.

Noodle Soup

We quick ran out and got some for my grandmother's pool, because there is another weekend left, and BY GOD, we are going to have all the fun we can stand.


I do not anticipate any problems there. Hell or high water, if that cover is off, Shae will be swimming. She went in the ocean even when it was 57°F.

Invisible Noodle

And now I have one more thing to look forward to for NEXT summer.


  1. you actually have 2 weekends if you get up early !!!!

  2. My kids discovered the same thing this summer at swimming class!

    My five-year-old is truly in love with the noodle and can swim on her own -- with me hovering nearby, just in case.