This post is just a photo dump -- stuff that I think is splendid these days.

Some Resort This Is

This picture. She is all, "What the hell kind of resort is this? There are CHICKENS here. Where is my lemonade? I WAS PROMISED LEMONADE. God, these people."

Mustang Sally

This car. I was lucky enough to park next to this car yesterday, and my Jetta felt 100% sexier just from being Mustang-adjacent. Like, I hate most American cars in general, and Fords in particular, but I am a sucker for old muscle cars. I have no defenses against that demographic. This one floored me. I actually gawked. It is FANTASTIC. Even the orange color is phenomenal. No idea who it belongs to, and I should find out, because I am pretty sure all the testosterone in the air made my car pregnant. For serious. I know my car wants to have this cars babies, that's for sure. I think I want to have this car's babies.

Splendid Sky

This sky. The weather has been perfect for the last few days, absolutely perfect, warm but not hot and close to zero humidity, and the sky has been such a brilliant blue that I feel like everything is in some kind of goosed-up Technicolor. I mean, COME ON, even the clouds are pretty. This is the best possible argument for opening the windows and getting the hell outside that I can possibly make.

4th of July Outfit

This kid. I got to drive her to school this morning, and it was one of the best mornings I have had in a long time. Yes, I am totally THAT PARENT, who dressed her kid in red-white-and-blue for school on the last day before 4th of July. So what? That shirt is from last summer, and I got those shorts for a dollar. She's adorable, seriously. And I will make any excuse I can for putting that ribbon barrette in her hair, because I love it.

Splendid Child

Seriously, THIS KID.

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