Just Keep Swimming

Nothing profound or astonishing or even particularly cool today ... just two minutes and fifteen seconds of cute.

(OK, maybe two minutes and five seconds or so of cute, and ten seconds of titles. Also, I accidentally put that "Flip" logo at the end, and I don't want to go back and take it off, but I suppose they deserve some of the credit because they basically edited this movie anyway. Even though I spent four years learning how to work digital editing machines in college. Machines which are so old now they don't even make them any more, anyway. They're probably in an obsolete technology museum somewhere. But I digress. AS USUAL.)

There are now 22 days until we leave for our vacation. And I really, really can't wait to get the kids on camera, because: MY GOD.

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  1. i think this makes a strong case for nurture over nature. and i find it highly amusing that she keeps looking back at you, with what i can only imagine is some ironic combination of a "you're still there?" and "are you watching me?" look that only a child could pull off.