Isty Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot ...

I was going to end this title with "monokini" and then I went and looked it up and just about had a stroke because HELLO BEWBS IN THE WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE. And then I looked at some other websites and they have a really different idea about what, exactly, a monokini is and now I am once again confused because I thought I was right in the first place but how can that be because Wikipedia is saying I'm actually very, very wrong? Is that even possible? I mean, how can the Internet contain a mistruth?

* snerk *

Anyway. Just for the record, this is another swimsuit in another pool. I've had my eye on this bathing suit for a little while, and I finally snagged it at Old Navy last week when they were having a super sale and it was marked down to $5. Joke's on them: I was willing to pay more than that if they ever would have had a size 4T in stock on the website. Although personally I now think Old Navy should pay me, because these look like catalog pictures.

Smile Island

How freakin' cute is that bathing suit? It has a tuxedo ruffle! There is no way to not look cute in that bathing suit. Unless you're shaped like me, I suppose. (This is actually a little on the big side, I could have probably gotten away with a 3T this summer, but I am thinking about vacation now, and I know this will be not too difficult to get off and on when we need to go potty.)

Beach Ball Beauty

We spent the 4th of July weekend running around like fools, flitting about from one party and visitation to another like the social butterflies that we pretend we are. On Sunday at lunchtime we stopped in at my "Aunt" Kim's and caused a ruckus in her pool, because Shae's been begging to. And it's been hot, and everyone's been miserable, so it's nice to go somewhere where I can act like a complete dorfwaffle and nobody will judge me because we're all doing the same thing.


For an above-ground pool, there sure is a lot of stuff in Aunt Kim's pool, probably because she entertains most of the neighborhood. She's awesome that way. I've always thought of above-ground pools as "small" but Aunt Kim's pool is big enough for three boogey boards, a tire-sized-and-decorated inner tube, a small fish-shaped inner tube, two watering cans, a giant round raft that is big enough for me to lay on, a hyperactive preschooler, two generously-sized adult women, three French hens, two turtledoves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Boogey Board

Shae loved the giant raft. We are still not sure about the boogey board.


She also likes the covered swing, where she can sit with Aunt Kim or Uncle Dave and eat popsicles and be adored and fight taking a nap really hard. Even when she really needs a nap. Especially when Mommy really needs a nap.


  1. i've gotta see the pool toys

  2. Yes, they should pay you. they can totally use the picture of Shae sitting on one of the floating things as a catalog picture! This suit is awesome! Miss you guys! Oh, even better was Shae telling dad that you look like a fool with your pants on the ground.