Gator Wrasslin'

We busted out a new pool toy this weekend.

Al E. Gator

I can't speak for anyone else, but my greatest fear in life isn't zombies or robots, but that all the polyvinyl inflatable stuff in the world will become sentient and rise up to slay us.


If you zoom into that picture, you can see Shae's red, red eyes from elebenty straight hours in the pool. We tried googles, but they weren't particularly useful, except for giving her goggle-shaped hickeymarks around her eye sockets. I don't want to have to explain that to the teachers at school on a Monday morning.

Belly Rubs

But she doesn't want to miss a thing, so her eyes are wide open all the time. We finally had to tell her, at like 6:00 at night, that she wasn't allowed to put her head under water any more, or she had to get out of the pool. My eyes have been red like that before. I remember more than one occasion when they still burned the next day.

Super Fun!

Eh, these are all out of sequence, but this is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. I promised my sister I would edit her out, but why would she want me to edit her out of this one? Look at all the fun they're having!

She's no dummy, that kid. It's kind of awesome to climb on the gator raft and deliberately capsize it. I did it myself. 'Sfun.


  1. Wow! The Bubble has made it's return! Do you still hang it on the fence when you're done with it? You need to post a pic of that for old times' sake. Love the Gator! Not the first one to grace that pool, either. Looks like fun!

  2. I think my mom found that Bubble at a yard sale or something (of course). It hasn't been hung on the fence yet, but Shae doesn't really want to take it off. She's doing really well with it and she'll probably have a decent freestyle by the end of the summer. 8 & Unders next year, whooo! LOL.