Random Monday

Oh, hello there! It was all hot and humid and stinky and sweltering this weekend, and I think I got brain damage or heat stroke or something, plus there were bebeh bunnehs in mai flower beds, squee! While I try to get myself back together, here are a couple of random pictures from the weekend:

Riding in Cars with Boys

I was hoping we'd be able to put this off for a little bit longer, but it looks like soon we will need to have The Conversation with Shae about riding in cars with boys. Of course, we're trying to teach her all about "no means no" and you can just imagine how well that goes over with a three-year-old: "Time for bed, Shae." "No." "Come on, it's time to go to bed." "'No means no,' Mommy." "!!!!"

Amish Child

Are the Sun-Maid Raisin people hiring? Because just look at how well this kid can rock a bonnet! No, I don't know why my Aunt Kim (pictured in the background) has a random bonnet around the house, but it is totally adorable. I was already working on a Halloween costume idea for this year for Shae, but I might try to work with this instead, because I love my kid in hats.

Choir Loft

Yesterday we went to Church, which probably we should do more often but DON'T START. The 11:00 Mass was for my late paternal grandfather. Shae was wonderful, well-behaved and quiet and polite, and also really cute in her yellow dress. When she put it on at home she said, "Look at me, I am getting married." I just don't know who this person is, this proper little lady sitting in front of me in the choir loft.

Golden Sandals of Something

I miss having feet that are little and narrow enough to pull off cute shoes. I have weirdly-shaped Fred Flinstone feet, as wide as they are long. Makes it hard to find cute, especially in the summer.


  1. your feet are fine and shae is in the trrible threes but while occupied she is behaved you know it...any age is testing time from now until you die and i mean that!!! i love you mom

  2. Those shoes are ADORABLE!