Guessing The Future

Shae's only three so there's no way that she knows who or what she wants to be when she grows up -- I mean, I'm going to be thirty-mumble next week and I still have no freaking idea -- but I still watch her sometimes, trying to analyze what she likes and what she is good at, attempting to figure out what she might want to do. Right now I kind of think she is either going to be a writer or a veterinarian, or possibly the heiress to the throne of La Gaga, but there are any number of other possibilities.


Maybe she'll be a firefighter. She likes to help people, and I kind of think she has a predisposition for rescuing things. She is extremely proud of the fact that my husband caught the ninja mouse the other day, and released it back into the wild. (Well, into the back alleyway, but STILL.) I can totally see her rescuing cats from trees.

3D Movie Critic

But then again, maybe she'll want to work as a movie critic for the newspaper, assuming that newspapers still exist in 20 years when she's looking for a job. Certainly there'll be some kind of media, anyway, and where there is media, there are people whose job it is to complain about stuff. And already this kid has critic written all over her -- have you ever seen the stink-eye she'll throw at a plate of unfamiliar food?

Fairy Princess

There's a small possibility that she might want to be a fairy princess, and I guess I can be okay with that, if she's more of the Tinkerbell variety of fairy. The kind with spunk and spite. She's not really a docile, doe-eyed Fairy Godmother type, but I can imagine her as a sort of Lucinda-from-"Ella-Enchanted." And I'm not going to lie: that would be kind of a little bit awesome. As long as she doesn't try to work any mojo on me.

Dental Hygienist

Or maybe she'll want to be a dentist? That's a perfectly respectable occupation, if not a little bit sadistic. I personally think there is something a little bit off about people who poke others in the mouth for a living -- and I just went to the dentist at the beginning of the month, so don't tell me that there is no bleeding! -- but I also understand the importance of good oral hygiene.

Whaddaya think? I think the world is this kid's oyster. If she doesn't eat the oyster first.

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  1. she just might be a landscape artist or a yellow engineer well love her anyhow see you tomorrow love mom