One Big Happy

More pictures from the family photoshoot over the weekend. And further proof that I am grossly unqualified to work with children. Or animals. Or anything that moves, really. I should probably stick to still-lifes of plastic fruit.

04-11-10 158-2 (edit)
04-11-10 172-2
04-11-10 275-2

I like the first and third pictures best, because they're the least "stagey-looking," even though this whole thing was basically staged. The wicker chair was Shae's idea, and it's kind of brilliant. She's already better than me.

04-11-10 181-2
04-11-10 270-2

SHUT UP. We are a fair-skinned people, and sun protection is essential. My sister had hair that light and that fine until she was, like, 15 years old. And at random intermittent points, it was PERMED.

04-11-10 249-2
04-11-10 260-2

There are several different versions of the grandparents-and-grandkids picture in my photostream, but this one is the best overall. I like Joey's smile better in one of them, and the way Shae is sitting in a different one, but at least in this one everyone is looking in the same approximate direction. And this is the best version of the picture of the parents-kids-and-grandkids. My kid's hair is going to be as big as my butterfly bush one of these days, I swear to God, and my butterfly bush ate Cleveland.

(And no, I don't know why it looks like my boobs are crooked, and one of them looks to be the same size and shape as a watermelon with a glandular problem. I assure you, they are basically cantaloupes.)

04-11-10 251-2

This one is just here because my sister basically triple-dog-dared me to post it. HA! Sucker.


  1. hopefully the group shots will get easier as they get older. and joey has got to lose his pacifier. oh well. they look great! (and excellent work on the dare.)

  2. rachel i need you to do me a favor order me 4 by 6 of the 3 kids pictures and one of me and daddy and kids and family you can send to target or where ever just let me know thanks love you mom