First Family-versary

Today is our ... well, we didn't really know what to call it, our commemoration of This Special Day, so G and I had this discussion where we tried to figure out what our cutesy little name for today was going to be. Because, like, it's going to be a personal holiday for the rest of our lives, so we need to call it something, right? Basically we decided on "Family-versary," which is vaguely lame, but pretty much right in my wheelhouse, because I am vaguely lame.

(And for the sake of posterity, let me state that by "discussion" and "decided," I actually mean that I suggested the name, and then 10 minutes later when his raid wiped G asked me to repeat it and he said that sounded fine. So, you know, even though it's been a year since our adoption was final, everything is otherwise basically the same as it ever was. Only louder, and with much awesomer hair ...

04-11-10 149-2 (edit)

And, you know, permanently so.)

04-11-10 143-2

Which is a very groovy kind of a feeling, if I can be honest. Still. Because I can be all, "Haha suckers, she's ours now, and you can't take her back! Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!" And let's face it: we really did get once-in-a-lifetime lucky with this kid.

04-11-10 203-2

Okay, maybe twice in a lifetime, but only once in our lifetime.