My Kid Is More Awesome Than Me, Part #367,421,958

So, basically, I've gone for like ten whole days without busting out the magic camera once. I did take pictures, of course, because the lilacs in our yard look and smell spectacular, and that only lasts for a few days before the Butterfly Bush That Eats Cleveland overtakes it -- but I took those pictures with my iPhone (and Hipstamatic).

Now it is Friday, and I have nothing to write about, so I took picture's off Shae's Christmas Camera, and ... well, she's a better photographer than I am, even with cheap and dinky equipment. Let's review and discuss, shall we? (By the way: these pictures are all completely unedited, not even cropped, because I think they're just that impressive.)


The bookcase in the living room. This picture is old, several months old at least, because now the second shelf of this bookcase is completely full up with animated movies. Lots of them. Pixar films are our favorite, followed by DreamWorks animation, and then the old Disney movies. The traditionally animated Disneys should be higher, I think, because I am a fascist, but they do not look as fancy when upconverted to Blu-Ray, frankly. Disappointing.

And whatever new song they added to the "Beauty and the Beast" special edition DVD is an abomination unto the Lord. Let us never speak of it again.

Next we have a series of pictures that were all taken on the same day from the back seat of the car:

Day Care

People pay large American dollars for special lenses, filters, and editing tools to get their pictures to do this, and she managed this effect with a Fisher-Price plastic number and a car seat. I really love those rainbow-prism effects. She's got an excellent eye. Soon the student will become the master.

It's very "Kung Fu Panda," if you think about it. There is no secret ingredient. (Oops, spoiler!)

Blair Witch

Blair-Witch-style Facebook profile pic. Boogers FTW! And those eyelashes ought to be criminal. They're going to get her into trouble one day, no doubt.


Oh yes, I am a VERY LUCKY WOMAN. Control yourselves, ladies.


  1. My favorite is the "Blair-Witch-style Facebook profile pic." That's awesome, but I'm shocked to admit I missed the boogers on the first pass.

    As a mother of three that's wrong. They're going to revoke my membership if that gets out.

    p.s. I think she's like a new and improved version of you who is the awesome original. Rockle version 2.0.

    You can't have version 2.0 without the prototype.

  2. thanks! and don't worry about missing the boogers -- she has them ALL THE TIME, so they're kind of a part of the background now, like frizzy hair.