Some interesting facts about the number eleven:
  • In numerology, 11 is considered a "master number."
  • Master numbers represent "rare and exceptional energy originating from outside mundane reality, far from the norm."
  • Among the traits associated with the number 11 are "nervous energy, intense fear, unpredictability, unrealistic outlook ... insecurity, hyper-sensitivity, controversial behavior, overly receptive and vulnerable to the point of being an easy target, self-deprecation, low self-worth ... excessive idealism and unrealistic spiritual ideas resulting in a cosmic fu-fu-based dogmatic outlook, complex personality, untamed, wild inspiration, emotional volatility, infamy, extreme behavior, or insanity."
  • And those are supposed to be bad things.
  • Also, my very favorite Phillie ever (at least for this week), Jimmy Rollins, wears #11.
Okay, so yeah, maybe eleven isn't exactly the world's most exciting number. But my husband and I aren't exactly the world's most exciting people, which is totally fine by us. We've got plenty of insecurity, self-deprecation, and "cosmic fu-fu" to go around.

We're married for eleven years today, and it's Kind Of A Big Deal anyway.

Happy Anniversary, babe.