Easter 2010: Part One

So. Easter, my arch-nemesis. We meet again.

Original Loot

I love Easter, of course, because it's one of the few times a year when people don't look at you funny when they catch you eating nothing but jellybeans and chocolate marshmallow bunny heads for lunch. But it's exhausting. I feel like we've been doing these Easter festivities for weeks already.

Light Thing

If you are keeping score at home, her Easter loot from "the bunny" included a bathing suit, a T-shirt, monkey pajamas, two packs of stickers, a pair of sunglasses, some cheap pearl jewelry that is already broken and/or missing, bubbles, jellybeans, yellow M&M's, about two dollars in change, and this light thing that just spins and hums and is absolutely mesmerizing. Best buck-fifty I ever spent this week. When you add in all the swag from the grandparents, I estimate that she got about 8,000 pounds of crap. Not bad!

Ice Cream Cake

The third and hopefully final birthday cake. This one is your ever-popular DQ ice cream cake. Yay chocolate crunchies! There might still be some of this left in Aunt Kathy's freezer, and if there is we'll have that with my sister and nephew when they come in to visit. I am NOT getting another whole cake. Can't we do something different, like birthday pudding or something? I am running out of pants.

Hiding Place

My cousin Jason was in from Florida for the weekend, and apparently he was on egg-hiding duty. He did an excellent job, photographically speaking. The over-processed egg picture from yesterday was also hidden in Aunt Kathy's yard. Not that you asked, but I chose this particular picture because I sort of dig forsythias, even though they're just there. They're so ... yellow and happy.

Queen of the Egg Hunt

This outfit is from last year. I love it. But I remember when these were, you know, regular-length pants. She's grown like 6 inches since last year, but she hasn't gained much weight, and now she's out of diapers, so last year's 3T's still fit. Except, they look like completely different clothes, don't they? Also: it's been like 80+ degrees for a week and this shit can stop any time because I hate sweat, and my feet are not anywhere close to sandal-ready.

Count de Monnai

Counting the money with Uncle Quack. You know, now that I think about it, I have no idea how much money we actually got. It's all going into her piggy bank, but still. I wonder if we even opened all the eggs yet? I need to double-check when I get home.

Bubble Man

This is Jason, who hid the eggs. He had almost as much fun playing with Shae's toys as Shae did. And it's worth a mention that he's going on the family camping trip later. So maybe, just maybe, camping might be fun -- or at least tolerable.

Tomorrow: The other side of the family!

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  1. we can have birthday strawberries or melon when i get home - no need for another cake :-)