Easter 2010: Part Two

Almost as exciting as "Leonard: Part Six" -- and away we go!

Away We Go

Egg hunts look pretty much the same everywhere -- this one, on my Dad's side of the family, is just bigger and louder than most others (because I have relatives numbering in the hundreds at this point). Lots of little kids, lots of middle kids, lots of bigger kids. And, of course, the annual Keg Hunt, which is where the legal-drinking-age grandchildren wander around looking for little bottles with their names on them. It's fun. Usually.

Anyway, what I want to focus on this time is how, as the day goes on, Shae gets closer and closer to the Easter Bunny. Perhaps we are getting over our leporiphagophobia*.

Take One

Very close to the Easter Bunny. Not quite touching. Looking away, ready to escape, but still in a reasonable proximity.

Take Two

Allow the Easter Bunny to touch her OMG OMG ZOMFG! You can tell that she is nervous about this, and I can't rightly say I blame her, because this particular Bunny is just on this side of Donnie-Darko-looking.

Take Three

Standing right next to him, and -- wait, what is that I see when I zoom in?

Take Three Enhanced

HOLDING THE EASTER BUNNY'S HAND. Success! Maybe by Christmas she'll get over her whole Santa-is-creepy thing.

* = fake made up word that is supposed to mean "fear of getting eaten by rabbits."


  1. Who are you trying to be anyway? John Madden with the telestrator?

  2. LOL i was thinking more perez hilton, but without the illustrated penises.