Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

I'd better finish up with the pictures from LAST weekend before this weekend is over.

Ducks 2

We went to a different park to run around and feed the ducks. We had a box of mangy old cereal that seriously went stale more than six months ago, and with things being how they are, I hated to just throw it in the trash. So, we took that cereal and some bread crusts and headed for the river.

Ducks 1

Shae had never fed the ducks before. A long time ago we went to watch the ducks at a different park, but this was the first time we actually tried to engage the animals. She loved it, of course, because she loves (1) ducks and (2) throwing things.

Ducks 3

It was a fun afternoon. She got to run around a while and we found a section that had a bunch of small yellow flowers, which of course we had to inspect and examine until we found the very most perfect one to keep for ourselves.

Obligatory Yellow Flower Photo

And today it is 35°F and rainy and gross and it's like spring never even happened. Awesome!

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