Duck Hunt

It was a nice day today, maybe the first "real" spring day, and so after naps and lunch we went for a walk. Great to get some fresh air after being cooped up in the house with the cats and the Leaning Tower of Laundry and the diaper pail (because, and trust me when I tell you this: deodorant garbage bags? DO NOTHING).

Was also a highly educational experience, in which I learned that Jesus Christ on a cracker, we have got to get a new goddamned stroller. I attempted this outing with an umbrella stroller, which was fine, I suppose, but my God, who are those things designed for, exactly? I'm 4' 11½" tall, practically a garden gnome, and I had to hunch over to steer it properly. Gack.

We went down to Memorial Park, on the Manatawny Creek, during one of the maybe 15 days out of the year when it isn't completely under water. They're doing construction down there, and it was very reassuring to discover that my child is not a complete girlie-girl, because she was watching the earth-moving equipment and making "vraw, vraw, vraw" noises for an hour afterwards.

Strolled across one of the footbridges and ran into two kids who had apparently cut school to go fishing. I didn't know that boys did that any more -- it was kind of trippy, actually. Plus, who the hell would fish in Pottstown, for the love of Pete? God knows I wouldn't want to eat anything that came out of these waterways.

Finally did with my daughter what I had always loved doing with my parents: fed the ducks. Not much, just a couple of Cheerios. But it was fun just the same, a nice little moment capped by the following conversation --

Me: So, Cupcake, what sound does a duck make?
Cupcake: (looking at me like I'm the biggest idiot who ever lived) Vraw.
Me: ... ? What?
Cupcake: (poops)

And thus ended our first outing to see the ducks at the park. Oh: and goose poop? Rank.


  1. Confidential to Salar, whoever you are: YOU ARE A JACKASS. Seriously. What kind of tool leaves spam comments on a personal blog? Get a goddamned life, you nitwit.

  2. that's it? that great story and i get a picture of the back of her head? it is a really cute pic, though. i like the composition.

  3. I was kind of hoping to capture her sense of joy and wonder, and the relative cleanness of the creek (clean for the Manatawny, anyway, and not flooded for a change). Plus it was one of those days when she was being coy and wouldn't look at the camera.

  4. I can remember that my mommy took me to (somewhere to) feed the ducks..

    The good old days..

    Well Rockles, your kid is adorable and Cupcake is the best nickname ever.. :p

    ~Lizette (aka Whitehawk --> YPP)