Who Let The Dogs Out?

Listen -- I got nothin' right now. I ain't got no mojo no mo'. So we're going to plumb the depths of my Shae Shots photo set and see what's in there, shall we?

 Dog 1
 Dog 2

One of the fun parts of downloading the pictures from the "cramera" is playing what I like to call "the WTF? game," where I try to figure out what's going on. (With the pictures, I mean -- I never know what's going on, universally speaking.) Obviously, these are two pictures of dogs that Shae probably took while she was out on a walk with my parents. But from this perspective, I have no idea where they were taken. The fence in the second picture makes me think this is the house across the street from my parents'. I'm sure these dogs have names, but I don't know what they are.


I think Shae looks like a tadpole in this picture, but don't ask me why. I love how she appears to have only one nostril and no nose or chin. Meanwhile my husband looks perfectly normal.

Green Shoe

No idea why Shae loves to take pictures of shoes, but she does. Apparently we're going through the phase where we're really into random things, like dinosaurs and snakes and aliens ... and shoes. God help us all when she discovers what Manolos are, although hopefully she'll turn out like me and continue to wear her Crocs for almost every occasion. (I don't even CARE if you judge me on this one -- they're comfortable, and they're staying.)


  1. that dog is either monica's or missy's legs belong to merri losagio !!!

  2. i KNEW you would know. you, mom.

  3. err, that should say HEART you.