A Note From Management

O hai! Just a little note, which I have conveniently buried between posts because I know you're probably not going to care about this anyway, but I am all about the FULL DISCLOSURE, savvy?

Anyway. Because I am a COMPLETE AppWhore, I have made a few small eensy-weensy changes to my sidebar and added a little Formspring box. You can type a question in there and I'll answer it. It's that simple. If I like your question, I might even be able to make a blog post out of it, because let's face it: neither one us wants to see another post about toddler underpants, do we? I thought not. To make room for the sidebar, I deleted the "Cast of Characters" box. Don't worry, G and Shae and the cats will still make regular featured appearances.

So now that I have that box over there, why don't you ask me something? Or tell me something? Or something? The box doesn't know whether something is a questions or not. It's like commenting anonymously. If you don't want to tell me who you are, I will never know, and that's OK. I won't judge you, or make fun of your spelling errors, or anything like that. Except maybe in private, but never in PUBLIC, because I have MANNERS, ferchrissakes. But help me entertain you, 'k? Thxbai.

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