In Your Eyes

So Shae got her "cramera" for Christmas (and BTW, that video still cracks me up: "A! New! CAMERAAAAH!"), and before yesterday I took pictures off it exactly once. I should do it more often, because it's highly instructive and educational. For example, last night I learned that Shae really likes to take pictures of the TV. Not sure if one particular show is especially fascinating to her, though, because they're not necessarily pictures of what's on the TV -- just, like, corners and strange flashes of light.

Daddy, Purple

She also likes to take pictures of my husband and/or my husband's laptop, I'm not sure which. He sits on the right side of the couch while she watches her shows on TV. I don't know how she did this with her camera -- maybe G was in the middle of something extra-colorful in WoW when she shot this? But this picture is completely untouched by editing software. I think it's fascinating.

Dora Shoes

Another favorite is shoes -- there are pictures of every single pair of shoes she owns, I think. Which is approximately 150,000 different pairs of Crocs. (No, it's only like 6 of them.) She has also taken pictures of my shoes, and my husband's, and also random people-on-the-street's. I must have let her take her camera with her when she went for a walk with my parents or something, and Shae took pictures of every shoe she saw, I think.


Of all the pictures, though, I think this one is my very favorite, because it's just so "meta." What you're seeing here is a picture of a video call. Exciting, right? So, with her crappy little camera, she took pictures of a computer monitor showing pictures of my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew who were being filmed by a webcam. You can almost see Joey's little teeny pieces of pizza. Like I said: very meta.

Still ... I make fun of these pictures, but more than a month after Christmas she is still entertained by the camera, so I think it was an excellent buy, even if I did pay (GASP!) full retail for it. When we went out after work last Friday to take pictures of the "pink" moon, she grabbed her camera and brought it too. And seriously, her pictures are no better or worse than mine, just taken with a different camera. There may be hope for her yet.

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  1. ugh. that's not the best picture of me ever ;-)