High Society

What ... you didn't think I would be finished with my recap of the Wedding of the Decade of the Week without discussing the pictures of Shae, did you? I know you saw them in my Flickr photostream while you were poking around over there. It's okay, I don't mind -- they're good pictures, and she looks so cute.

Shae Getting Ready

Well, okay, maybe this isn't a great picture -- I think that the picture I posted from the road on Sunday was better, insofar as Shae doesn't look quite so slack-jawed -- but it does give you a good look at Shae's dress for the wedding, which was really something. I love this dress, which is something I can't recall having ever said before. You know I am not a girlie-girl kind of mom, but when it's a dress-up occasion, I don't fart around: my kid is pretty, and I aim to put her in frocks worthy of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Don't worry, it was also a steal: $85 retail, got it for $25 about a week before Christmas. Worth every penny, because she looked so pretty. (Oh before you ask, yes, I did pick out this particular dress in part because it matches her handbag, which was a Christmas present. Just because she's a Classy Broad doesn't mean she can't also be a Garanimal. And it doesn't make the dress any less awesome.)

Everybody Loves Champagne

So long, farewell, au revoir, auf Wiedersehen -- we let our toddler taste her first champagne. (She kept calling it "soda," which means we'll be able to put ginger ale in a glass and fake her out for another decade or so.) Also, this picture reminds me very much of a story, kind of a family legend at this point, that involves my little sister running around at a wedding, drinking all the wine that was left in those little shot cups after the toast was over. Hey -- it was the '80s. Mistakes were made.

Perfect Little Lady

And this, right here, this is the face that charmed a dozen waiters and made me come undone. She was a perfect little lady, saying "Please" and "Thank you" and eating her salad and drinking her chocolate milk and practically fighting off marriage proposals already. I ask you -- what immunity can I possibly develop to this face? Those sparkling eyes, those chiclet teeth, those perfect cheeks, those unbelievable eyelashes?

Dudes, we are DONE FOR.


  1. that last one'll definitely make the 2011 cousins calendar ;-)

  2. she is gorgeous just watch she doesnt out-brain you i love you mom

  3. She is ADORABLE! Those eyes, you're in trouble for sure.

  4. The last picture better be in the next calendar!