On The Road Again

We're on our way home from our weekend in Pittsburgh and while we're in the car I've got nothing but time so I figured, "Hey, why not go ahead and blog something?" Hahaha. It's funny because I have basically zero of my standard blogging tools: no salty snacks, no Firefox with multiple tabs open, no computer. I crack myself up with these cockamamie ideas.

Anyway, tomorrow I should have pictures and a bunch of really lovely things to say about my cousin Beth's wedding, but in the meantime, here is one little picture of Shae. I would say that I hope it will suffice, but honestly, I just hope it will work.

PS - OMFG, we passed the OSCAR MEYER WEINERMOBILE on the PA Turnpike. How random is that?


  1. very impressed with the blog from the road.

    and i love this dress. maybe we should all go super-fancy for christmas next year. could be fun. especially with the little kids.

  2. love you talk to you later