Same Auld Lang Syne

Welcome 2010

We're going to Pittsburgh for the weekend -- we've been meaning to visit with family out there anyway, and my cousin is getting married tonight, and truth is, we'll take any damn excuse to get the hell out of Dodge for the weekend. The plan is to post at some point over the weekend, but I'm not going to lie: if we're having a good time, I'm not about to let myself get in my own way. We very rarely get to have any unfettered amusement these days, so if someone else wants to entertain us for a couple of days, who am I to stop them?

(And yes, I know I'm supposed to be starting a Project 365 today. Technically, I am: I will be taking pictures at the wedding, so I think I'll just backdate the posts. Don't worry, I won't make a habit of it. {I don't think.} I understand that the point is to be creative every day.)

Anyhow, whatever you're doing today -- eating pork and sauerkraut, watching football, getting some much-needed rest -- do it with gusto. Time's yours.

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  1. let me know if you have a picture or call down nanas love mom