Hello Kitty

There were some goings-on this weekend that I can't talk about yet or it will ruin the surprise, but I can tell you about our new bath towel -- how is that? Compromise?

Hello Kitty

Seems like there are a lot of bathtime pictures lately, and I'm not really sure why, except for that I think maybe Shae is missing the pool these days (sounds familiar). She asks to take a bath more often than not, and when we say no, she tries to negotiate for a "bird bath." And while I would like to give her "big ups" for wanting to be clean -- she's been learning about germs from Muno on "Yo Gabba Gabba!" -- I also recognize a stalling tactic when I see one, because I've been known to throw in a diversionary maneuver (or twelve).

Shy Kitty

Oh, and those curls and eyelashes? They are why God invented convent schools. Perhaps Sr. Mary Agnes can keep this one out of trouble ...

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  1. so cute! and there are probably a lot of bath pictures because that's the only time you're home! hope things are starting to wind down at work.