Today is My Anonymous Mother's birthday. I won't mention her age, but I'll be 36 this year, and that's plenty old for the both of us, frankly. I her honor, I have made the following movie where nobody has the top of their heads.

Isn't it nice to see my $100,000 education being put to good use? Love you, Mom. Have a great one!


  1. i'll look later love you and i had you at what 2 !!!!! its not the number believe me

  2. awe this is a really cute shay sounds so adorable. I am trying to keep up with my blogging. Your comments about girls was well appreciated, and i'm glad to know you are also a secret horoscope lover. haha. hope all is well with you! i am going to try to post/comment more often, been busy with school and jobs and such. you know working for the man. hahaha. god bless love you!