Dial "N" for Nana

This headline has nothing to do with this post, except that it gives me an excuse to use the below picture, which I love for reasons that even I don't understand. It's just cool and vaguely creepy.


It has absolutely bugger-all to do with the rest of the pictures you're going to see. Sorry about that. It was taken on the same day, though. So I suppose that's something.

Minions 1

Despite my best efforts to raise my child as a brain-damaged future lesbian -- oh, wait, I'm not, I just want her bits covered so doesn't end up in a Girls Gone Wild video. Anyway. I'm not really a girly-girl and I am trying blahblahblah I keep telling this same story, but the point is, I see no problem with nail polish.

Minions 2

Whatever. She usually scrapes it off with her teeth within a week anyway. But her nails don't get polished at home very often because it's a lot of work getting a little kid to sit still and not touch anything while you're waiting for polish to dry, and I know how much My Anonymous Mother likes to do it. And Shae loves the attention that a good manicure demands.

Pigtail Puffs

Plus, how can I tell her no when I know it makes her so happy?


  1. even pop-pop gets in on the action. he looks a little silly, but i know he'd do anything for shae :-)

  2. ok jaime more pictures love you mom

  3. Here from Temerity Jane's. Your daughter is gorgeous! :)

  4. hey - hi! welcome! and thanks ... she is one in a million.