A Week of Thanks: Day 3

I whined earlier about the weird little Rosie-the-Riveter story I am living in my head, of how we're going to muddle through in these Difficult Economic Times® and it's going to be all up to Miss Mama to keep this family together and how as God is my witness we shall never go hungry again, and ... wait, did I just shift paradigms without a clutch again?

Anyway: when things were better (or, more pecisely, easier), we bought a lot of STUFF, and some of that stuff included a DVD player and a nice flat-screen TV and a pretty comprehensive collection of Disney movies, things that maybe we didn't need at the time, but that we saved up for because we wanted them, and anyway the point of all of this is that I am thankful that because we have these things, we are able to enjoy Sunday Movie Night with our daughter.

(This week's selection? Cinderella. Oh, shut up. Don't you judge me. It's important to get into the enemy's head, or how else are you supposed to RISE UP AND SLAY THEM?)

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  1. are there any disney movies you guys still need/want? maybe something i could pick up cheap on friday? ;-)