The Princess Diaries

So ... these shoes.

Ballerina Shoes

My Anonymous Mother picked these up at a yard sale, along with a matching Cinderella ball gown costume. To say I am not a fan of the outfit is probably an understatement -- as far as I can tell, I am one of the least girly moms I know. I own skirts and dresses, but I wear them at most once a month, when I have to go to church or a wedding or something. Company holiday parties. That sort of thing.

Glass Slipper

But these shoes kill me. Shae calls them "ballerina shoes," which cracks me right up. Yesterday she wanted to wear them around the house, and once I got her to agree that we don't wear them on the stairs (they're too big, and I don't want her to fall, and yes I know this is maybe a little too over protective, but I don't care), we had ourselves a Dress-Up Situation.

Tea Party

I try to discourage certain kinds of feminity as much as possible -- not really into the whole "damsel in distress" thing, because sometimes the princess needs to save her own damn self -- but really, even to an old-school hard-core feminist like me, what is offensive about a tea party? I like tea parties. Sometimes there is cake.


Everybody loves cake. Even wicked bitter evil queens, like me.


  1. ooh, ooh! can i come to the next tea party?

    and there's a difference between wearing heels and dressing up and being a damsel in distress. even if she had every princess costume, i don't think you have to worry about shae being girly.

  2. everybody's invited to the tea party! i wish i knew where she learned about putting cream and sugar and stuff in her tea, but she has it all down.

  3. I have a real tea set...we can have a real tea party when Jaime comes home!

  4. i don't want a real tea party. i want a "shae" tea party ;-)

    i'm sure they have tea parties at daycare.

  5. ok ok sorry...let's have a shae tea party then.