3AM Eternal

I feel like I've been doing this blog post for about a million years. It's taken me FOREVER to upload pictures to Flickr and then crop them and remove the red-eye, and plus I have a toddler who REFUSES to go to sleep in this hotel room, and I have heartburn and jetlag and a screaming headache, so you'll have to forgive me if I end up not being funny (assuming that I ever was). I think I'm tapped out at the moment.

Oh: and another thing. There is an age range, probably 18-25 or so, when road trips seem like a good idea. But before age 18 you're probably taking said road trips with your parent(s), which makes them decidedly un-fun, and after age 25 it's just NOT COOL to stay up all night trying not to crash into the rear ends of tractor trailers on the interstate in Indiana in the rain. Which is what we did last night, which is why G and I are pretty much dead men walking right now.

Someday Shae will maybe consider driving to Florida or somewhere with friends from college for Spring Break, and once I take a handful of Valium with a Stoli chaser, and once I check her bag to make sure that she has packed plenty of underpants, I will probably let her. In the meantime, this particular road trip has also wiped her right out of charm and she was just NOT HAVING her picture taken, so I was able to get lots of pictures of my nephew.

I present these without comment, because it's pretty much not needed, except: NOM. Delicious baby!

Joey & Nana
My Father's Face
Evil Genius Grin

Shae and G are both asleep, and I will be soon too. Hopefully tomorrow we'll all feel better and we'll get some more adorable snaps of the two of them together, like we did back in June.

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  1. another gorgeous kid !!!! haldaman genes !!!!