Coolin' At The Playground

Saturday was a nice day, one of those gorgeous late-spring-slash-early-autumn days that makes you forget what season it actually is. Kind of like most of this summer has been: clear, cool, clean.

Clown Hair

So I really have no excuse for taking my child out in public with this ridiculous clown hair action that she's got going on in some of these pictures. I'd like to blame my husband, but that isn't fair: he's a boy, and he has his limitations. He doesn't really know how to work barrettes, even if he is an engineer. It's like knowing all the words to "I Will Survive" by heart: there are just some things that we girls have embedded in our DNA.

Natural Ingredients

I think maybe it's time for a haircut. I know split ends when I see them, since that's my hair's default condition. (That, and roots halfway down my head.) It's been a while, anyway -- I don't think Shae's gotten a trim since before her birthday. She's got great hair, but it is a little dry from spending so much time in the sun and the chlorine.

Swing Swing

These pictures were taken at the playground at March Elementary School, a couple of blocks from my mother-in-law's house. They recently did major renovations to the school, and while I am not crazy about what they did to the building (I was a huge fan of the original native stone fa├žade, and the new light brick exterior looks too bright and modern, and out-of-place in a neighborhood filled with old "painted ladies"), the revamped playground is pretty cool. And I do love the mosaic in the background here -- not sure if this is new, or what, but I really dig it.


  1. i was wondering where the playground was when i cheated and looked at these pics on your flickr page. i really like the mosaic, too!

  2. i don't know what's up with these kids these days, though: the ground is all squishy and covered with soft-edged mulch. where is the asphalt we used to play on? how are they going to grow thick skins if we coddle them so much?


  3. I love the mosaic! Shae looks like she loves the playground!